Friday, May 25, 2012

Marathon Man (Huff To Bluff 26.2!!!)

Wow, I am so proud of this man.  He is a 2 time marathon runner.  26.2 miles is such an amazing accomplishment, both mentally and physically.

I wasn't able to join him this time (I did pay the fee and train for it, but was sidelined by shin splints that I'm still babying), so for once I was able to be at the finish line when he came through.  Usually he is there for me because he runs faster than me.  It's so nice to have him there to cheer me on, but it was really, really something to be there when he finished this great race.  I'm so proud of his determination and his drive.  He's a great man. I teared up when I saw him come around that last corner, running strong to the finish. 

It was really great, too, to have the little ones there.  Not only did they help me for several hours at aid station 17, but they waited patiently at the finish line and were able to see their Dad finish strong.  Our aid station had a cowboy theme, and Kate took her bandit role very, very seriously.    

They have grown up so much during the past year.  I was remembering that last year at the finish line,  one of my friends from out of town had asked me where my kids were.  I told her, at the time, that they were home, and that Kate has a really difficult time (with her autism) waiting for things, being in crowds, and doing anything social.  Wow, has this little girl grown up.  She was able to handle the crowds and the waiting.  She was able to watch her Dad finish strong, and to be a part of the celebration.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


 Ever since Kate was a tiny little "Peanut", she has loved her boo.  There is just something about that soft, flannel blanket of love that Kate finds comforting.  It's good for anything from helping her fall asleep, to comforting sadness, to helping her cope with a stressful situation. 

Kate's "boo" was one of her first nouns as a baby.  She started calling it that after her big sister Morgan played Peek-A-Boo with her using her flannel recieving blanket. 

Kate's boo has been through many stages of her life.  When she was an infant, she was swaddled in it.  Later, it was the perfect size to lay on the floor while she learned to roll over and crawl.  As she grew, she carried it everywhere.  As a toddler she liked to hold it close to her face and smell it.  When she was a preschooler, it became a part of her.  As she tried to cope with her autism and all of the stress she was feeling at the time, her boo served to calm her.  She would find her boo, rock back and forth, and rub the edging.  I can remember when she was terrified of water, and I was trying to help her enjoy the pool.  She would cling to me in terror, but she would let me hold her and walk in the pool as long as she had her boo.  It would be soaking wet, but it still did the trick.  Of course now she's a fish and I can't get her out of the pool! 

Now that she's gotten older, and better at figuring out how to be autistic and navigate in the world succesfully, she doesn't carry it wherever she goes.  But it comes out sometimes in times of stress.  And it always comes out when it's time for bed.  She asked to take it to school with her on the first day of middle school, just to keep in her backpack so she could touch it if she needed to. 

Over the years she has gone through several versions of this beloved object.  We know it's time to replace it when the crocheted edging starts to come off,  the color has turned from pink to something between brown and gray, and it has a bit of a funky smell, even when coming straight out of the washer. 

Lucky for Kate, Grandma Kathy has her very own supply of hemstitched flannel.  Not only that, but she is a talented crocheter.  Kate loves her newest boo that Grandma let her choose a few weeks ago.  Thanks Grandma Kathy!!! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter Bunny did find us this year, even though we were missing some of our favorite people on Easter Weekend.  We hope The Easter Bunny found all of our favorite people anyway.  Kate found a pair of awesome boots in her basket, and they've been on her feet ever since. 

New Shoes! 

Bear enjoyed the Easter Hunt at Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa Winston's. 

Kate and Little Worthy had a pretty good Easter egg hunt, considering they were the only ones looking for eggs!  Those are pretty good odds, especially with Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad giving clues. 

The trees were decorated in blossoms.  The perfect hiding place, but Kate found the egg. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Rachel, and We love you Morgan!

Rachel had a birthday, so it was a great opportunity to take photos of a few of  the many people who love and miss you, Morgan.  Thanks to the Barton family, the Perkins family, the Call family and the Glover family for lovely company, cake and ice cream.  Happy Birthday Rachel!