Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little W's Adoption Story

Nan has published our Little Man's adoption story on the r house, a blog dedicated to adoption.

Thank you, Nan, for your beautiful words. I have tried many times to write this story down, and have not been successful. For one thing, my memories are not reliable. I can remember the day, months after we lost him, that I realized that I had no memory of most of the previous months. The memories I did have were fuzzy and colorless. I was concentrating on breathing in and out. For another thing, I find that my emotions are still, after 8 years, too raw to write objectively.

So I really mean it when I say thank you, Nan. You have such a gift for words, and we are blessed to be the recipients of them.

Although the names have been changed, here is our story. And we lived happily ever after!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 Glovers in the 2nd Grade Veteran's Day Program

Timothy was waving at Thomas and it was so cute I had to take a picture. So by the time I changed my camera lense so I could take a close up shot, he was finished waving. But he's cute anyway, right?

Rachel and Worthy are both looking so thrilled. I wonder who's idea it was to put them in the same class again?

Rachel saw me and decided to smile. It looks like someone is sticking his finger in W's ear.

Thomas is thrilled, too.

1/2 of a smile is better than no smile at all. (?)

The program was well done and all of the cousins made us proud.

One of the Many Reasons We Love Our Home. . .

Okay, so I complain EVERY time I go to the grocery store. And we spend way too much money on gas, hotel rooms and actual stores when we go to civilization (Which we have to do to survive). But just look what we have in our own backyard!! Love it. We love climbing in the car and driving just a few miles for adventures. And just look how happy Bear is, not to mention the kids. What a fun November day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tasty Table

So here's the story. My recipe situation is a disaster. I have an old recipe box that is stuffed full of recipes I've gathered through the years. The best method for finding a recipe is to dump it out on the counter, haphazardly rummage through it, and hope I'm lucky enough to chance upon the recipe I'm looking for. Most likely, it doesn't exist. I have had bad luck with my recipes, to put it nicely. I won't go into all the details, but I'll give you the worst example. I finally started to get organized with my recipes when Worthy gave me a laptop for Christmas a few years back. After diligently typing them into the computer, I would throw the wrinkled, folded, scribbled (and dribbled) on recipe into the trash. Well, some mean person stole my laptop out of our car in the mall parking lot. I lost a lot of things, including my recipes.

So since then I've done a lot of crying, gnashing of teeth, and renting of clothing. And calling people to beg for their recipes. And searching the internet. The problem is, I don't have a good system for keeping the good ones. I often print them off the internet, then put them, folded, into the black hole that is my recipe file. Or I don't print them at all, thinking I can always search for them again. But of course when I search for them again I can't remember which one I used originally. I'm also famous for calling someone, scribbling a recipe on whatever is available (a wrinkled receipt, my kids homework, a bubble gum wrapper) with whatever is available (a crayon, a thick magic marker, a pen with no ink). Then I have to call them back months later. It's a mess!!!

So I have decided to start a new blog, mostly for myself, to organize my recipes. Whenever I find a good recipe I'll add it to this blog, and then I'll be able to find it when I need it. And maybe some of you will be able to benefit from it, too. And if some mean person steals my computer, or if it (heaven forbid) crashes, my recipes will be safe in cyberspace.

My new blog is called Tasty Table, and it can be found at
I am a big stealer of recipes, so I will try my best to give credit where credit is due. Bon appetite'.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hurst Halloween Howl

Cowboy Winston
Grandma Kathy feeling like death warmed over


Grandma and Grandpa are soooo good looking

Rock on, Fellmeths

The Glovers forgot to dress up.


Morgan the gypsy

Mr. Bones, our veggie tray, was to-die-for.

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Awww, LW is so pretty.

Cutie Patooties

Kate and her awesome vampire teeth.

Thanks Hursties. We had a fabulous time.