Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Beautiful Girls

I was reading Chrislynn's post and looking at Sophia's pictures, and it took my breath away how much she looks like my little baby Morgan. So I went through some photos today (I thought it would take a few minutes and I have been have lost in memories all afternoon) and I found some pictures. I think Morgan looks like Chrislynn and Sophia looks like Chrislynn and Morgan. It's fun to see the similarities between our beautiful girls. I'm also posting some pictures of Tim and Drew--I can't believe how little they were when Morgan was little! Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Such A Slacker!

I really do love you all. Life is crazy and I have been intending to post for weeks. So here is a short one.

We just got back from a fun family trip to Salt Lake and Provo. We saw the specialist at Primary Children's Hospital for Kate's eyes, who had good things to say. Kate is doing a great job wearing her glasses and her eyes are slowly correcting themselves.

We stayed with Tim and Nancy on Thursday, which is always fun. We love them. But, I must confess, I went up to put my children to bed and woke up after 10. I guess my children put me to bed, too. So I hardly got to visit with Tim and Nancy. Big Worthy and Morgan got to go to the BYU football game on Thursday, thanks to tickets from Tim and Nancy. They had a great time (Morgan especially liked the people watching).

Friday night we stayed in a hotel so the kids could swim with Daddy while Moog and I went to the BYU volleyball game against Utah. We had a fabulous time. I even caught a signed toy volleyball from one of the starters! Needless to say there were a lot of crazy fans, both blue and red, so we were entertained. Morgan and I also got to do some shopping, so the trip was definitely worthwhile!

Our biggest news is that our basement is torn apart. We have spent weeks getting everything out of it, ripping down shelves and reassembling them in the garage for storage. Last night Clayton came over and helped us get started with the framing. Thank goodness for Clay, the Home Improvement God. We feel more comfortable now and I think we're ready to go for it!

We love you all and I'll try not to be such a slacker in the future.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Tooth?

Oh, Yeah. The tooth fairy has it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

We Are Proud Of You Morgan!

We are so proud of Morgan! I just wanted to share some photos of her on the volleyball court.

Moog, keep up the hard work and remember we love you. We love to watch you play volleyball, and we're proud of the lady you are on the inside, too. Have a great rest-of-the-season!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mean Parents of the Year Award

Yesterday Kate got in trouble for taking off without asking us. She likes to "go around the block", which is fine as long as she asks. She often leaves without asking and it stresses me out! She slipped this note to Little Worthy after being in her room for quite awhile! I love my kids.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Are Invited!

We are celebrating 3 birthdays on Friday! Thomas, Little Worthy, and Olivia all have birthdays this week. Glovers really like September.

We will be having a cook-out at the centennial park on Friday at 5:30 to celebrate. If you are a Glover, a Hurst, a Perkins, a Barton, or if we love you for another reason, please join us.

We will provide hamburgers, cake and ice cream. If everyone brings something to contribute (salads, chips, drinks, etc...)we'll have a feast.

Don't worry about bringing a gift.

If you will let Kd, Kim or Nan know if you are coming and what you'll be bringing it will help us. But if you forget to RVSP, show up anyway!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Like To Look For Rainbows...

What a beautiful day! Our little Kate was baptized today. It was an event full of miracles and we are so proud of her.

Some of you may not know that Kate has been extremely hesitant to get baptized. We have been talking to her about it and praying about it for many months now, and each time we have brought it up she has cried or outright refused. After prayer we decided the best action was no action. We felt that when and if she was ready she would let us know.

Several weeks ago she was playing at William Brown's house. William is Kate's special friend--she helps him with the things he needs and he, in turn, is there for her. They are a cute support system for each other. When William invited Kate to come to her baptism, she was suddenly inspired to be baptized herself! William's mom, who is an angel in my eyes, suggested to Kate that she get baptized after William. Kate said, "but I don't want people to watch me." Jackie calmly suggested that after William's turn everyone could leave and then Kate could have a turn. Kate, for the first time, showed enthusiasm. We held our breath and hoped and prayed that she would be comforted and could go through with it.

So the Brown's encouraged us to tag along. We didn't invite family, because we were trying to keep it simple for Kate and relieve some of the pressure. We were, however, lucky to have Gramma Gail there to give a talk about the Holy Ghost (she gave the kids beautiful "comforters" she had made) and Grandpa Worthy was a witness and stood in the circle for the confirmation. We felt blessed to have them there with us for such a special occasion.

Kate was so brave! I started crying immediately and have been flowing like a fountain all day. She was beautiful and brave and I'm so proud of her. She watched William, and then when the crowd left she calmly entered into the font and was baptized by her Daddy. What a moment.

I thought for sure she would want to be confirmed without a crowd, too, but when William's turn was over she calmly got up and walked to the chair. Her confirmation was beautiful. She and I both love and appreciate her Daddy.

Today I feel so blessed to have a family and extended family that loves and supports us and is willing to accommodate for our Kate. And what a support we have found in friends. Thanks, Brown family, for including us in your special day. I know it was meant to be.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Few Reasons Why I Love My Wife and Kids

I posted this on the Glover Family Blog but thought I would post it here for those of you that don't venture into the craziness of my family's blog.

This is not a comprehensive list of the reasons my family merits my adoration and love but it is better than not voicing these ideas at all.

She believes in me. I recently applied for a pretty significant position in my organization. In my first interview, with a member of the Executive Leadership Team, I was informed that he would be trimming the selection down to his top 4 candidates and perform a second interview with those that made his final cut. I told my wife this and said I wasn’t worried about a second interview. Surely out of all that applied I would not make a final four. She said, “Don’t think that way! You will be a final four candidate!” Guess what, I got a second interview. I am uncertain whether I really want the job or not but that is beside the point. The point is, my wife believes in me and gives me confidence to be excellent every day. I love her!

She has a zest for life. Morgan laughs like me. She enjoys laughing and is a joy to be around. She played her first volleyball game of the season yesterday. She rocked and her team won. But, here is what distinguished Morgan for me and is one reason I love her so much. Morgan awoke at 4:00am that morning to get ready because she was so excited about her Volleyball match. She couldn’t sleep and couldn’t wait to go to school and start her match. She loves life and she is living life to the fullest. I am proud of her and I love her!

She is so inquisitive. Kate wants to understand how her world ticks and runs. She is always asking me the deepest questions. She also loves to find new treasures and show them to me, whether it is a worm, a piece of metal or a vegetable from the garden. She trusts my answers and seems flabbergasted when I don’t seem to have the answer. I love being her source of knowledge and love her more than I can describe!

He is fascinated with Star Wars and Harry Potter. Worthy has begun to collect Star Wars and Harry Potter figurines. He asks to watch Star Wars every day. He knows the story and enjoys watching it with me. He has catalogued the Star Wars figures that he desires (he really wants Darth Vader, don’t tell him its coming for his birthday). He plays our Star Wars X-box game every time he plays the X-Box. Star Wars, my boy loves the show and toys as much as I do and did. I love sharing this interest with him and in his own words “I love” him “all the way to Georgia, the Moon and back!”

I have a great family. I love them and love the many things that make them unique. Thanks for letting me share.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to School

School is in!

Worthy started kindergarten, and we are so proud of him. He was nervous and anxious. I cried all day (he didn't know it, of course) because I left him there with a quiver in his chin and those deer-in-the-headlights eyes. I had to remind myself that when I was a kindergarten teacher, kids did a lot better AFTER their moms left. So I left, and I cried. And when I picked him up after school he was beaming! He loves his teacher and he is having a very positive experience. Wow, my baby is growing up.

Kate is doing really well, too. She is such a good big sister to her little bro. She makes sure he remembers his backpack, and she helps him walk home from school every day. She has a wonderful teacher who has done a lot of simple things to help accomodate her and make her feel good about herself. Kate amazes me all the time, but I'm especially proud of her right now. She seems to have matured three years over the summer.

Morgan is in the 8th grade, and is still enjoying middle school. She woke up at 4:00 on the first 3 days of school to do her hair. Oh, my. We found out yesterday that she made the school volleyball team, so she is excited to start a new season. We'll let you know when we have a game schedule. Morgan is now officially taller than me. She and I were looking at her baby scrapbook yesterday, and I had this moment where I just wanted to grab time and hold it still for awhile.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm still alive!

I must apologize for dropping off the face of the planet. We've had a fun filled, crazy summer and I have dropped the ball big time. Unfortunately, I'm back to work now. Fortunately, that means I have time once a day to catch up on y'all. I've really missed the blogging. It makes me feel like I'm close to everyone even though you're far away.
I don't have time to post much now, but I promise to post more this week. I just thought I'd include some photos of our summer adventures, including Harry Potter mania, swimming, and lots and lots of camping.
We love you all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Worthy's Proud Golf Moment

Two weekends ago I entered the Hideout Amateur golf tournament. It has been a goal of mine to win the Amateur. I haven’t felt like I was there yet, but a great thing happened. I took second place in my flight! Not a victory but close enough that I feel really good about the future.

I was a little worried about playing in the tournament because I hadn’t played a whole lot of golf prior to that week. In fact, I played a round on the Monday before and did so poorly I told Kim I was going to pull out. Luckily she talked me into sticking it out. She convinced me that I didn’t enter to win I entered to have fun.

I could give you the typical “Worthy Glover Play-by-Play” but I won’t. I will just tell you that I played steady. After the first day of the tournament I was in second place. I decided that if I kept the same pace as the day before I should end up in pretty good shape. In the end I took second by 1 stroke. It was a lot of fun.

For taking second place I won $350, which must be spent on merchandise at the clubhouse. This is great and exciting but a little frustrating also. I like every club in my bag. I really don’t feel like I need to replace any of them. Obviously they are treating me all right. I did purchase a new wedge (which has already been a good addition to my bag) but I don’t really have a need for any other clubs. I may end up buying some junior clubs for the kids and a lot of golf balls, shirts and hats.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Beginning of our Summer Music Experience

Kim and I have a music filled summer ahead of us and I thought I would share some of our experiences with all of you. We started our summer of music by attending a concert in Shiprock, New Mexico on Monday, May 21 that featured the Indigo Girls. Oh my, holy Hannah! What an amazing experience! Those of you that know my wife know she loves the Indigo Girls but until you see them live it is hard to really explain why she has so much passion and commitment to them. They were absolutely amazing and mind blowing. If you ever get the chance to see them in concert, you have to take the chance. I still can’t get over how amazing it was.

A Hopi reggae band called Casper opened the show. This group had an amazing amount of energy and really surprised me. When I heard that a “Hopi reggae band” was opening for the Indigo Girls I was a little skeptical, but they certainly won me over by the time they were done playing their set. They were fun to listen to and had a great message in their lyrics. Probably one of the most enjoyable elements of their performance was to watch Amy and Emily of the Indigo girls jamming to Casper’s music while back stage. From our vantage point we could see just off stage right and those ladies appreciated the performance just as much as we did. It was a lot of fun.

Now, I am going to take a moment to get a little preachy on you. Many of you might be wondering why the Indigo Girls would conduct a concert in Shiprock, New Mexico. Initially we also wondered. It turned out they were doing it to support a grass roots cause associated with a valid environmental cause. The concert, was sponsored by a group called “Honor the Earth”, and was a benefit concert designed to lend support to grassroots Native groups working to stop the Desert Rock coal plant. The grass roots effort desires that the Navajo Nation and other native cultures explore a safe energy economy, one based on the renewable energy potential of Native lands.

I feel this is a valid concern, an appropriate idea, and a cause worth supporting. It is time we take the initiative and explore better ways to exist in this world without causing it harm. Some of you may not think this idea aligns with my core values as a Mormon, but I would suggest otherwise. I firmly believe the Lord expects me to take care of this earth and treat it with respect. He doesn’t expect me to squander my inheritance by mistreating what I have been given or leave messes for future generations to deal with and clean up. A favorite saying of mine is one as if the Lord spoke it himself: He says, “Okay, now you’ve got the multiply part down. How about you work on the replenish.” Many will recognize this from the command to “multiply and replenish the earth.” Well, I think it is time we obey that command and do what we can to conserve and renew the earth. Just take a moment to think about it and do small things to make a difference that is all I am saying.

Okay, I am done preaching. Now back to the music. The Indigo Girls took the stage by singing “Pendulum Swinger” a new song of their latest album. It is a great song, and so much more amazing when you see it performed live. Those two ladies have so much passion and emotion wrapped into their music. It was incredible to watch them. They are so gifted and so talented. They really blew my mind! They switched guitars after every song and even switched in the middle of a song and didn’t miss a beat. They finished by playing the most amazing rendition of “Chicken Man” I have ever seen or heard. It was time well spent and great to be there with my wife and her sister. Thanks for dragging me there Kim it was a wonderful experience!

As I noted in the opening paragraph we have a summer of music ahead of us. I will try to post about each experience as we have them, so look for more. Just to give you an idea of what lies ahead for us. We are going to Indiefest in Pagosa Springs on June 9 & 10, and then we will watch the Indigo Girls again in Salt Lake City at Red Butte Gardens on June 19. Finally, we will likely wrap up our summer by attending the Folks Festival at Lyons, Colorado on August 19 in order to see Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. We haven’t committed to that one yet but right now we are talking about going. It should be a great music filled summer. I will let you know how it goes.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

A few years ago I wrote this little list for Kim on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to do something to honor her for Mother’s Day so I decided to share this with everyone, (after a little minor editing). I hope she doesn’t mind.

Remember When:

  • A skinny eleven-year-old boy brought you a mouse.
  • A neighbor girl who was twice his size forced a geeky 12-year-old kid into dating servitude.
  • A dorky 13 year old fearfully broke the “chains of love” by dumping his neighbor girlfriend and began professing allegiance to you.
  • A scrawny 14 year old began to stalk you.
  • A dinky 15 year old suddenly grew taller than you.
  • A bedazzled 16-year-old boy kissed you for the first time on the night of junior prom.
  • A whipped young 16 year old blew an engine in his car while driving you to see your boyfriend in Monticello.
  • A depressed 17 year old continued to stalk you.
  • Somewhere in there you and your stalker became best friends.
  • A nervous, soon to be 19-year-old boy looked you in the eyes across the dinner table and could have proposed marriage.
  • A young missionary wrote you more often than he wrote his own mother.
  • A young returned missionary asked you a set of questions during a late night cuddle session, which prompted him to get on his knees and ask you to marry him.
  • You said, “YES!”
  • A newly engaged couple financed a wedding ring with no money, no job and not even a roof over their heads.
  • You knelt at the altar in the Temple of The Lord and stared into eternity with your stalker, to be sealed together forever.
  • You forced the entire Hurst Family Convoy to pull over and stop on it’s way to Juarez, Mexico, while you emptied the contents of your stomach on the side of the road.
  • Our first child tried to enter this world early then refused to come on time once the proper moment arrived.
  • Our eldest daughter stopped breathing during her first hours at home.
  • We lost track of one another because paying bills seemed to be more important than being together as a family.
  • We made the crazy decision to move home within the year and we uprooted our lives within two weeks time. (The right opportunity came along.)
  • Two young parents decided it was time to expand their family only to discover that having another child was not like buying a loaf of bread at the grocery store.
  • Your husband had to learn how to poke you with a needle in a vain attempt to jumpstart your reproductive system.
  • We shared a horrific and very tragic ultrasound with our young daughter.
  • A young couple was told their reproductive luck had run out.
  • A zealous young mother networked with everyone and their dogs in a frantic effort to add to her family.
  • Two kids left their child at home while they hopped on a plane to San Diego to meet a potential birth mother.
  • Weeks later they loaded their luggage and child into the car and waited hours at the train station to travel east by train in order to pick up the next member of their family.
  • The highway patrol tracked that family down and asked them to call their adoption agency in order to receive some tragic news.
  • Your fragile husband nearly fell apart and came very close to an internal death.
  • Shortly thereafter we received the right phone call telling us it was time to come to Philadelphia to pick up our daughter.
  • That young and tested couple met their second child in the lobby of a Philadelphia motel.
  • Those youngsters didn’t wait around to let anyone change their circumstances and hopped on a plane to get home as quickly as possible with their little baby.
  • We took our two daughters to the newly built Temple of the Lord in our home area and knelt once again at the altar and were reminded of the eternal nature of life.
  • We realized we weren’t done, that there was another child who was to bear Dad’s name.
  • We revealed our souls one more time on paper and when our paperwork was “almost done.”
  • A national tragedy occurred and days later a Glover celebration happened.
  • Two crazy San Juan County residents drove across the nation in two days to pick up their son, because there were no planes in the skies.
  • We first met our little “cow,” and his precious birth mother.
  • Our son was ripped from our arms and returned to live in tragic circumstances.
  • We stopped living for 3 months.
  • A depressed, lost, and forlorn couple was approached by their social worker and asked if they would accept a new scenario for the acceptance of a child in their home. That surprising scenario involved the return of their son.
  • We returned once again to the altar of eternity and finished our family.
  • A not so young husband paused what he was doing and saying to look his wife in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she was.
  • The last time was that I told you, “I love you!” Well I meant it. I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you Kim and I want the world to know it! Thanks for being the mother of my children, my best friend and wife.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 things you never wanted to know about Lou

We have had a sad week at our house. Lou, our faithful friend and family member, finally chased his last truck. Our children have really taken this hard, as have the grownups. He was a true member of our family. Our two youngest have never known life without him, and Morgan had such a special bond with him. She was 5 when he joined our family.

I found this list of things about Lou in my blog drafts that I had started and never finished. So as a tribute to the best dog in the world, here it is. We love you, Lou.

1. Lou won Big Worthy and Morgan's heart at the mall. The shelter was having an adoption day, and my husband was a big softie. This is the same man who had vowed never to own another dog.

2. Lou is named after the Beagle on the movie "Cats and Dogs."

3. Lou has a serious fan base in Blanding. He has been spotted all over town. He goes on walks with the locals, and we're sure he is fed by several families.

4. Every once in awhile we get a call from someone who says they have "found" Lou. We just tell them to let him go, and he always comes home.

5. Grandpa Winston is Lou's favorite. When Lou is feeling lonely at our house, he just trots over to grandpa's and knocks on the door.

6. Lou is very loyal. He sleeps downstairs in our bedroom, but he won't go down until we are both down there. It makes him nervous when one of us is still up. He watches the door and paces until we are both safe and sound. Then he can sleep.

7. Lou loves to chase trucks and eat their tires. Of course, they stop because they don't want to run him over. This gives him the perfect opportunity to bite their tires as much as he pleases. It is completely humiliating.

8. Lou has more than 9 lives. One day we got a call from a friend of ours who lives across town. She said Lou had been hit by a car, and he was lying dead in the road with all four feet in the air. Of course, we all started to cry. Big Worthy went over to get him so we could give him a proper burial. By the time he got there, Lou was up and walking around.

9. We have paid for Lou a million times over by springing him from dog jail.

10. We thought Lou had cancer a few months ago, but he is just fine. We paid a pretty penny to find out he is fine, though. And the vet found a bb bullet in his leg.

11. Watch out what you feed Lou. He can clear a room with his natural perfume.

12. Here is another example of Lou's lives. He disappeared once for more than 3 days. We were pretty sure we would never see him again. We had let Moog know that she should not expect him to come back. We were sad, until we heard a whine at the back door. There he was, thirsty, tired, and starving. He ate, drank and spent several days sleeping. His paws were sore and bleeding. We're sure he was taken away in a car and was able to get away and find his way home.

13. Lou answers to many names, including LouAnn, Louise, Loser, and Lucifer.

14. Lou likes our cats but they don't like him back.

15. Lou is a part of our family.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Stomach Still Hurts

I spent the weekend in Aztec with Jen and my Mom, and I don't think I've ever laughed that hard. My stomach still hurts. The weird thing is, we were quilting. And quilting is SOOOO hilarious. Not really, but we managed to laugh anyway. I envy people who can laugh gracefully--the three of us are definitely in the "ugly cryer" category (sorry Mom and Jen).

Worthy made me go because he knew I needed the therapy, and I'm so glad he did. I appreciate him so much for the way he is there for me. He took both of the crazy little ones to Monticello for the volleyball tournament, which can be a difficult task for the two of us even when we are both there. He did it himself just for me. I love it when people ask me, "Is your husband babysitting?" My husband is not a babysitter. He's a daddy. And he's a fabulous daddy. Thanks Big Worthy!

We're all enjoying spring break now. All week last week Little Worthy kept asking me, "How long until we get to stay home and be together?" How sweet is that? I love being home with my babies, just hanging out. We've had a lot of cuddle time, book reading time, x-box time, and just being together time. And we broke out the flip flops! Woo-hoo! Happy Spring to y'all.

I came. I saw. I tinkered.

I have wanted to mess around with our blog and the formatting for a while. Well, today I finally did. I am sure Kim is rolling her eyes right now as she examines it and realizes that the format is based on the great J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. I can hear her now as she declares, "You are a freak!" Oh well, I felt like this template fits the Worthy Glover, Jr. family and yes its true I am a freak. Besides, if we don't like it we can always change it again.

Friday, March 2, 2007

100 Things About Little Worthy

I love Nemo.
Spiderman is my hero.
I love Harry Potter, but not the “scary one.”
When I go to bed, I ask my mom and dad, “are you going to watch the Scary Harry Potter?” I’m sure that’s all they do when I’m asleep.
I like to play with magnets.
I once freaked my mom and dad out because I ruined the television screen with a magnet, but they fixed it.
I was born with the ability to make people laugh.
One of my preschool teachers, Ms. Shumway, asked my mom if we have to buy depends, because we must laugh so hard at our house we pee our pants.
Once I get a laugh, I’m pretty sure if I do it again and again everyone will keep laughing.
I love to play the x-box.
It makes my family dizzy when I play the x-box.
Usually when I play the x-box I’m not really worried about how to win the game, so I just wander around and die a lot.
I lick my lips a lot.
I have no idea what an inside voice is or how to use it!
I have lots of 12 year old girlfriends at volleyball tournaments.
Last year at a volleyball tournament, I saw a tempting red handle on the wall at my eye level, so naturally I pulled it. The whole building had to be evacuated and the police came to turn off the fire alarm.
I am a softie—It makes me sad when other people are sad. Kate knows how to use this to her advantage.
I am a scientist. It’s hard for me to eat or drink without mixing and pouring.
My favorite dinner is macaroni and cheese from a box.
I don’t like it when my mom cooks real food.
If something has sugar in it, it’s delicious.
Sugar gives me lots of energy.
My mom and dad have learned to never have pancakes and syrup before sacrament meeting!
I love to ask the same questions over and over every day. My script goes something like this…
Can I have a bath?
Can I play x-box?
Can we go to the store and get a treat?
Can I have some cinnamon toast?
Can I watch cartoons?
Are you gonna watch the scary Harry Potter?
Are we staying home today?
I love to say “which is”. For example…
Can I have the candy which is the red one?
Can I have a bath which is with bubbles?
Will you turn on the t.v. to the show which is cartoons?
I like to sneak into Morgan’s room and steal her candy.
My “boos” are pink and purple.
My friend Christian and I are very noisy.
We’re pretty sure that the louder we are the funnier we are.
The other day at Heidi’s after all the kids were gone except Christian and me, I said, “Oh good. Now we can have some peace and quiet.” Heidi had to leave and laugh.
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
My mom and dad were so excited to meet me! They couldn’t fly because I was born right after 9/11 and there were no planes in the sky. They drove all the way across the country on 1-40 with a lot of triple trailer trucks.
When my Mom and Dad first met me I was dressed as a cow. Really.
My mom and dad loved me at first sight. They knew I was their boy.
When I was 10 days old, I left my family and went back to Georgia.
My Mom and Dad thought they would never see me again and they cried every day because they knew I was their boy.
I was the best Christmas present they had ever had.
I came back to my family in Utah at Christmas time, and my Mom was so happy to see me she didn’t put me down for months.
I love hot chocolate.
I am ticklish everywhere, even my ears.
My mom calls my belly button my “giggle button,” because all she has to do is wiggle her fingers and I giggle uncontrollably.
I can’t figure out how to tell which feet my shoes go on.
I like bran flakes cereal.
I was born one day after my cousin Thomas.
I hate it when my Mom clips my fingernails.
My parents are quite sure I don’t sleep much at night.
I know I’m not supposed to be up in the night, so I lay there very quietly until I hear someone up. Then I say, “is it morning?” Sometimes this happens when Dad or Mom is using the bathroom at 3:00 a.m.
I am a morning person in a family full of not-so-morning people.
I love to snuggle.
I’m a big fan of the letter W.
I’m named after my Dad, my Grandpa Worthy, my Grandpa Winston, and my Great-Great Grandpa Worthington Washington.
I love to ride the bus to and from school.
I love Heidi and she loves me.
I get to go to kindergarten next year.
I’ve been in preschool for 3 years.
I have a mean British accent.
I know all sorts of spells, like “Dependo!”
I have scary dreams.
I think Kate is hilarious.
I usually do whatever Kate says, which my mom says is a little scary.
I like the boomerang channel.
When I ask to watch cartoons, I really mean boomerang. When someone makes the mistake of turning on cartoons that are not on boomerang, I say, “No. I want cartoons.”
I love to play with the settlements, cities, and knights when my parents and Morgan play Catan.
If they let me take the pieces, they end up in my pockets and all over the house. So I play with them at the table where they are playing the game.
It’s impossible to get Kate and me to settle down to bed at night.
I like to listen to Kate read when we’re supposed to be settling down at night.
When I was about 4 months old I got wedged between the side of the crib and the mattress. I was hanging by my head and my feet weren’t touching the floor. My mom had to pry the crib apart to get me out. She rushed me to the doctor, and by the time we got there I had a bump the size of an orange on my head from the pressure. I still have a scar there. My mom is SO grateful that I was able to breathe and that everything turned out okay.
I like to dig in the dirt in our garden plot.
I’m a very picky eater.
I love it when my Dad stays home with me when I’m sick.
I love to go to Grandma Gail’s house.
I love to go to Grandma Kathy’s house.
I hate my tennis shoes.
I love my sandals.
I will always be my Mom’s baby.
I love it when my dad takes me golfing with him.
When we go golfing I collect treasures like broken tees and golf balls.
One time when I was golfing with my dad I fell out of the golf cart. I wasn’t hurt but I was quite surprised that he had been right when he had told me 100 times to hold on. I stood right up, put my hands on my hips and accused, “Dad, you let go of me!”
I love the Albuquerque aquarium.
I like to play at Shaw Nielson’s house.
I love it when my Dad takes me fishing.
I like to go camping with my Dad, especially when it’s just the two of us at ward campouts like fathers and sons.
I have an amazing ability to get filthy while camping.
I have always been afraid of being left behind. My Mom and Dad are constantly reassuring me that they love me and will never leave me.
I follow my Mom and Dad around the house. If they’re not careful, they sometimes step on me or crash into me.
I loved my sister Morgan intensely when I was a baby and I first came back to my family. My Mom and Dad think it’s because I loved a little girl named Angelica who was my foster sister while I was back in Georgia. The girls were about the same age at the time.
I don’t like ice cream.
Sometimes Tuxi sleeps with me on my bed.
My family loves me so much.
My Mom and Dad are so glad I came back to be their boy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

100 Things About Kate (Written by her Mom as if she were Kate)

I love big cats…lions, tigers, jaguars, cougars…
My favorite animal is a “cheetah-tiger.”
When I was in the mall with my mom, she let me wish with a penny in the wishing well. I wished I was a cheetah tiger, and then I closed my eyes and waited patiently for it to happen.
I hate it when people touch my hair.
I am intensely afraid of things that are unexpectedly loud…
package bubbles.
I was 5 pounds 3 ounces when I was born.
The people at the adoption agency nicknamed me “peanut” because I was so tiny.
My sister Morgan prayed for a little sister (a lot) and that’s why I have my family.
My family loves me.
I love Mrs. Johnson!
William Brown is my favorite friend.
I have a special place in my heart for people with physical disabilities.
I’m amazing at the x-box.
I love to read, and I often read in the dark at bedtime.
My brother loves it when I read to him.
I take very long, hot baths with LOTS of toys in the tub.
I don’t like to sleep on my bed so I sleep on the floor.
I have autism…and my Mom and Dad are proud of the way I adapt to the world.
I have never played with dolls or barbies.
I love to climb.
I have been known to climb onto the roof of our house, to the top branches of the tree (over the road) in front of the house, and on top of the roof of our tree house. This rarely scares me, but it always scares my mom.
I get frustrated easily.
I need food or I lose control of my emotions.
I can sit in crazy positions for long periods of time.
I love Sizzler.
I love shrimp.
I love broccoli.
I love triscuit crackers.
I put WAY too much sugar on my breakfast cereal.
I have a beautiful singing voice.
When the tooth fairy recently forgot to give me money, I said, “That’s okay. I bet she was very busy today because lots of kids lost their teeth.”
I lost my teeth very early—my first at age four.
Rocking soothes me.
Swinging soothes me.
The x-box and Nintendo soothe me.
I love my “boo”.
I call my favorite blanket my “boo” because Morgan used to play peek-a-boo with me using it.
Now even little Worthy calls his blanket a “boo”.
I love the way my boo smells.
My boo smells like “Lotion and Tuxi.”
My boo soothes me.
This is my second boo, and it’s falling apart just like the first one did.
My nickname is Katie-bug.
I love to wear gloves, even when it’s hot outside.
I love to wear my red-footed p.j.s that are ridiculously worn out.
I love coats and shirts with hoods.
I wear hot clothes in the summer time.
I love my Daddy’s songs.
My dad can talk me into things that my Mom can’t.
I love being in charge.
I love to cook.
I love to garden.
I like to watch animal planet.
I adore my cousin Riley.
I believe everything Riley tells me.
Riley has magical powers, including things like laser beams.
I’ve still never seen them but I know they exist because he told me so.
I love to pretend I’m a statue.
I love to fit in extremely small places.
Sometimes that freaks my mom out.
It freaks my teachers out, too.
I hate primary.
I cope with primary by either (a). screaming and crying, or
(b). zoning out (my mom calls this “going away”).
I love to swim but not in cold water.
I love puppets.
On school mornings I’m impossible to wake up.
On vacation days I get up early.
My left and right feet don’t match.
I have very weak teeth.
I love Heidi.
My mom loves Heidi.
Heidi has loved me since I was two months old.
People think I’m spoiled sometimes.
I’m not spoiled, I just have a really hard time when my routine changes or when I don’t feel in control of my world.
I have a hard time with transitions.
I was very difficult to potty train.
I still have issues sometimes with #80.
My mom feels guilty about being so hard on me about #80, because now she knows that it’s very common in autistic kids.
My mom feels guilty about a lot of things!
I love Pink Panther.
I love Tom and Jerry.
Boomerang tv is my favorite.
I’m always embarrassed after I calm down after a fit.
I often don’t remember why I was upset.
I love my 2 cats, Tuxedo and Fred Weasley.
I love my dog, Lou.
I get nervous in gyms because I don’t like the noise.
I don’t like elevators.
I have figured out how to handle elevators: I immediately drop to the floor and lay flat until the elevator stops. My mom and dad (and other people) find this entertaining.
I love visiting the city.
But stoplights make me think of Judy, the lady who does my hair.
So when I was younger and we were in ANY city, I used to say nervously, “Are we going to Judy’s?”
My mom is amazed I haven’t broken any bones.
I love my cousins and my grandmas and grandpas.
I like to ride Worthy’s bike but I don’t like riding my own.
100. MY MOM LOVES ME!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

100 Things About Morgan

100 things about me

1. I love volleyball!
2. My nickname is moog.
3. I am taller than my mom!
4. I am constantly checking my e-mail.
5. My favorite author is Shannon hale.
6. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice.
7. My favorite T.V Show is heroes.
8. My favorite book is Eragon.
9. My best friend is Bailey E. Meyer.
10. My favorite class is Home Ec. (I have it twice a day)
11. I love to play settlers of catan with my Mom and Dad.
12. My all time favorite candy is Nerds.
13. I am working to become a pitcher in softball.
14. I can’t fall asleep unless it is completely dark. (So that means I can’t fall asleep until my parents and siblings are asleep.)
15. I love to travel and see new places.
16. I want to go to Italy someday.
17. My favorite food is Italian.
18. My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.
19. I love to read.
20. I love to Quilt.
21. I love to cook.
22. I have small feet.
23. I hate how my mom will not leave me alone about the guy I like. :)
24. I am really mad that my parents are on a diet, because that means we don’t get clam chowder or bacon any more.
25. My favorite series of books is the Goose Girl series.
26. I am saving up for a flat iron.
27. I love to take baths.
28. I love to swim
29. Ever since I came to middle school, I have gotten nothing but strait A’s.
30. I am the oldest cousin on both sides.
31. I am the oldest kid from two oldest kids.
32. I love to talk.
33. I love to scrapbook
34. I love Little Worth’s vocabulary.
35. I love it when my sister is happy, because that means everyone else is happy.
36. I can’t wait until I can drive, because then I can drive to Monticello. (My BFF moved there this year.) :)
37. My parents say that I like “Freaky funky fonts.”
38. My room is pink and green, and all my friends are jealous.
39. My worst habit is biting my nails.
40. My favorite memory is playing in the mud with Bailey.
41. I HATE Peanut butter. (or nuts of any kind)
42. One of my favorite candy bars is Reeses.
43. My favorite color combo is pink and brown.
44. I own tons of lip gloss, but it is never enough.
45. I just barely learned how to dance the Macarena and line dance.
46. I love wearing my pj’s.
47. I baby-sit a lot, and I love it.
48. I like to change my handwriting.
49. I paint my nails every Sunday.
50. I HATE going to Sunday school with guys.
51. My parents are mad at me because I am not putting my crush in my 100 things.
52. My favorite genre of books is fantasy.
53. My least favorite class is Spanish.
54. My pet’s names are Lou, Tuxi, and Fred.
55. I am a pyro. :)
56. My favorite animal is a Dalmatian.
57. I like to walk around town in my slippers.
58. I LOVE to go shopping!!!
59. My mom is really mad because I can win solitaire really easily, but she hardly ever does.
60. I hate to clean the bathroom, but I have to do it every week.
61. I love to go camping.
62. I spend almost every weekend in Monticello with Bailey.
63. I have always wanted to go to Spain. (Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink)
64. I like to write.
65. I like to wear dangly earrings.
66. My biggest fear is strangers.
67. I like to listen to my i-pod in my spare time.
68. I like the fact that my mom has the same shoe size as me.
69. I have my daddy’s laugh. J
70. I love the rain.
71. I love the smell of rain.
72. I love it when it rains and the power goes out.
73. I love the sound of thunder.
74. My brother and sister are afraid of thunder, so I make them “Thunder Tents” to protect them.
75. I hate that Kate hates loud noises.
76. I love fireworks.
77. I don’t understand what is so gross about bugs and rodents. (except for poisonous critters)
78. I love to be alone and think to myself, but at the same time I love to be around my buddies.
79. When someone is sad, I try my hardest to make them happy again.
80. I love to take pictures.
81. I love to be in the mountains.
82. I love to go on hikes with my grandpa Winston.
83. I love to go fishing with my Grandpa Worthy.
84. I love the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera
85. I love to laugh.
86. I have a birthmark that looks like a strawberry on the back of my neck.
87. I want to learn how to play the guitar, but that is what I said about piano when I was 7, and I haven’t really improved since then.
88. I like to watch the old T.V. shows like M.A.S.H., Hogan’s Heroes, Star Trek, and MacGyver.
89. My favorite actress is Keira Knightly.
90. I was born in Logan, Ut.
91. My favorite College is BYU.
92. My mom wants to know who I like, but SHE WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!!
93. I am a geek and a fashion freak at the same time.
94. I will never need glasses or braces. J
95. I have never broken a bone in my body, and I have only been stung by a bee once.
96. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday, because I have YW.
97. I have thick hair thanks to the Asays. Thank you grandma!
98. I love the smell of summer: sagebrush, freshly cut grass, BBQ, flowers, tomatoes, etc.
99. I love how the trees in Blanding look after it has just snowed. It looks like everything is made of white stone.
100. I am proud that I made this list all in one day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kate Doesn't Love Getting Her Hair Done

Worthy, Kate and I spent several days in the great North this week. It was nice to stay with family--Tim and Nancy were our hotel on Wednesday night, and we stayed with Lindsay and Walter Thursday night. We love our family and it's fun to have an excuse to visit.

We took Kate to the Moran eye center at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake. She has two issues with her eyes. One is called amblyopia, which is commonly called lazy eye. Her eye is capable of working, but the brain has learned to bypass it. One eye does all the work. The problem is, the "lazy" eye eventually stops working at all. Both of Kate's eyes are bad (even the "good" one, so that makes her eye issues even worse. Her eye has recently started wandering off, too, because it's not doing anything. So the doctor gave us a STRONG prescription for glasses (apparently the glasses she has been wearing are about 1/2 as strong as they should have been) with orders to wear them all the time. I'm sensing a battle coming on... The other eye issue is called anisometropia, which essentially means that her eyes are very different in their abilities. Kate just seems to never catch a break.

Speaking of never catching a break, we visited Judy at Baraka on Friday to get Kate's hair fixed. This is NOT Kate's favorite! She hates it with a passion I cannot describe. You would have to be there to understand. Actually, though, she was a trooper this time. She did have a fit, but not until the very end. Kate decided to get her hair relaxed this time instead of getting braids. She's pretty proud. She said, "now my hair is like Morgan's".

The best part of the trip was spending parent time with Kate. Our kids always enjoy having a little bit of time with Mom and Dad and no other kiddos.

Yesterday Moog played volleyball in Cortez all day. Her team did well, taking second in the tournament. Morgan had awesome serves (she has to stand all the way against the wall and it's still a powerful hit to the back line) and some amazing plays at the net. She does a great job, but even better is the fact that she's passionate about it. It's fun to see her so excited.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Explanation of Post Below

Kim encouraged me to generate my own list of "things about me." I have written it and posted it below. I have to let you all know that there were some things she did not want me to leave in my list, but I exerted my right to free speech and left them in place. I hope you all enjoy reading it. There are certainly things that make me chuckle in the list. It was a good exercise and I would encourage all of you to make an attempt at creating your own list.

100 Things About Worthy

1. My favorite font is Arial.
2. I still love comic books, but I call them “graphic novels” to sound more adult about my obsession.
3. I am obsessive compulsive.
4. My iPod makes me happy.
5. I abhor racism, prejudice and hatred!
6. I believe my spirituality is not gauged by my political affiliation, my choice of hairstyle, or color of shirt I wear to church on Sunday.
7. My favorite TV show is a toss-up between Heroes and Battlestar Galactica.
8. Some of the most spiritual people I know are not “Mormon.”
9. I wish being a Dad was not so challenging.
10. Yet, I believe anything worthwhile does not come easy.
11. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my wife.
12. Like Joseph Smith, I would go to the very depths of hell and back for my wife.
13. I love the smell of San Juan County during and after a rainstorm.
14. I am worried that I will be discovered as a fraud someday. Until then I am just going to keep faking it.
15. I have an odd interest in vampires.
16. I have a similar odd interest in the mob.
17. It took me 12 years to earn my Bachelor’s degree, (I am neither a Doctor nor a Lawyer).
18. I love teaching, especially gospel subjects.
19. I am not like the rest of my family.
20. I have no real political affiliation, but I am certain my leanings are more democratic than republican.
21. I love riding a bike.
22. I still yearn to be on a skateboard at the skate park.
23. I am glad I have discovered snowboarding; I just wish I did it more often.
24. I appreciate that my wife makes me wear a helmet when I ride my bike, (even if it makes me look dorky).
25. I have some addictions…golf is one.
26. My wife is another (see #24).
27. Somehow I have managed to remain in good standing with my children. I don’t deserve the love they offer me, but I will gladly embrace it.
28. I love watching movies at the theater, but not “chick flicks” those are for renting and watching at home. Give me action, excitement and loud noises!
29. I love to act and secretly wish I had done more to hone my talents in the theater arts.
30. I love well-done, live theater (Broadway blew my mind).
31. I do not like Fast and Testimony meeting.
32. I like hearing and feeling a sincere testimony.
33. In another life, I would be Emperor of the World.
34. I want to own a truck someday, and not just the Hotwheels model.
35. I love the laughter and smiles of my children. I wish I saw those smiles more often.
36. I am so proud of every accomplishment my children make.
37. I love that Morgan has interests in my music choices.
38. I really love when my two little ones hear a song and shout, ”Hey you have this song Daddy!”
39. I enjoy being the “fixer” of all things. I just wish I really could fix all things.
40. I love that I get my Dad all to myself for a two hour block, from time to time, on the golf course.
41. I wish I could play the guitar.
42. I wish I were as good a leader at home as I am in the office.
43. I am proud to be a Certified Public Manager.
44. I am proud to be nearly done with a Master’s degree.
45. I am easily distracted.
46. I am good at accomplishing my goals…when I set them.
47. I love to travel with my wife.
48. I do not like being a referee, umpire or official of any sort at sporting events. It’s just not fun.
49. I love coming home to my family at 5:00 pm every night.
50. I have weak ankles.
51. I carry two “lucky” quarters in my pocket. They are the quarters from Georgia and New Jersey. The number will increase to three when Utah comes out. The quarters represent the birthplace of my children.
52. At Sizzler I order the Steak and All-you-can-eat-shrimp, not because I can eat a lot of shrimp, but because my daughter can.
53. I love playing Cities and Knights of Catan.
54. Generating a list of 100 things about myself makes me uncomfortable.
55. I love the taste of my wife’s lips, (she tastes like the first time I kissed her).
56. I don’t know how to teach my children to be confident.
57. I don’t know how to do a lot of things.
58. I really don’t like cats (even though we have two).
59. I like making breakfast for my family.
60. I want to look like Brad Pitt: hot body, dashing good looks. Despite my wife’s belief I DO NOT HAVE A MAN CRUSH ON HIM!
61. I like bizarre stories and movies.
62. My favorite short story is “Murder Mysteries” by Neil Gaiman.
63. I enjoy camping with my family.
64. When fishing, convincing Kate to throw back the small fish is a formidable challenge, but fun to be a part of nonetheless.
65. Staying home from work with Worthy is time well spent.
66. Watching Morgan play sports makes me nervous and proud.
67. I like to barbeque.
68. I enjoy learning, but only when it is on my own terms.
69. I prefer to read my news rather than watch a newscast.
70. I watch Sportscenter every day.
71. I am a fan of BYU football.
72. I really want to see U2 in concert.
73. I also want to see Greenday in concert.
74. My wife and I make great partners. We each have a role in this family and together we play those roles well.
75. Studying the Book of Mormon brings me great peace.
76. I want to earn a doctorate degree someday.
77. I know God answers my prayers!
78. I like knowing that George Bush is almost done being president.
79. I dig the way Todd McFarlane draws Spider-man.
80. If I could be a super hero, I would be Spider-man.
81. I have a counting system for dispensing paper towels in a public restroom.
82. I must have a certain brand, style and color of pen in my back pocket at all times. I get nervous when its not there.
83. I still haven’t told my mother about my first kiss, (even though at the time she told me she hoped I would tell her when I had my first kiss).
84. My first kiss was Prom night my sophomore year in High School.
85. I was sixteen (see #84).
86. I kissed Kim, my Prom date (see #84 and # 55).
87. I am a charter member of the Rotary Club of Blanding.
88. My favorite novel is “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. I have read it many times and it still blows my mind.
89. I must have a clean desk in order to write or work effectively.
90. My desk is rarely clean.
91. I want to win the Hideout Amateur some day.
92. I am glad my parents called me Worthy and not Bill when I was born.
93. I am proud of my name.
94. It is great to date my wife every Friday.
95. I am glad she does not allow me to grow complacent about date night.
96. I like the feel of exercise sweat on my own body.
97. I enjoy a good quote. My bulletin board at work is covered with them.
98. My favorite letter of recommendation written for me states, “Don’t hire Worthy Glover!”
99. I currently work in the same job my father had when I was a teenager. Not just the same type of work but the very job.
100. Why didn’t I stop at 50? 100 is far too much to say about one’s self.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

100 Things You May Or May Not Know About Me (With Thanks to Eryka)

So Eryka inspired me again. I really liked getting to know her better with her "100 things about me" post. The best part was her honesty. So I challenged my family to do this activity, and mine is done. (I hope Big Worthy and Morgan will post theirs soon, and I'll help Kate and Worthy with smaller lists). I found this to be HARD. But I'm glad I did it. So, below are 100 things about me that you may or may not already know.

1. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and barbeque.
2. I love the smell of sage brush even more.
3. I'm terrible at math.
4. Kate and I often stay home from church.
5. I have panic attacks on Sunday mornings worrying about #4.
6. I'd rather be home with my family than having an adventure.
7. I love to read.
8. I love to write.
9. I love to scrapbook and keep a journal (blog).
10. I have always hated my skin.
11. I have a lot of respect for my Mom and Dad.
12. I love my sisters!
13. I am grateful everyday that my husband kept chasing until he caught me.
14. It bugs me when I can hear people eat.
15. Prejudice--in any form--makes my stomach hurt.
16. I love all three of my miracle children.
17. I love to travel, and I love coming home.
18. I would rather hang out with my husband than anyone else.
19. I'm terrible at managing money.
20. I wish I'd spent more time hiking with my Dad when I was growing up.
21. My veins have diet coke running through them.
22. I strive to be like Christ.
23. I believe that some "Christian Values" are the opposite of Christ-like.
24. I wish for more tolerance in the world.
25. I wish for less prejudice in San Juan County.
26. I love the smell and sound of the dryer when my house is clean.
27. I love to play in the dirt and make things grow.
28. Daffodils peeking up out of the snow make me happy.
29. I have a degree in early childhood and I feel inadequate as a mother.
30. I wish I could be a better mom to Kate.
31. I love to go walking with my Mom.
32. I love dating my husband on Fridays.
33.I'm glad Worthy's home at 5:00 (family time is better than salary time).
34. I love my dog.
35. My dog is a pain in the butt.
36. I want to own a passport.
37. I love it when my kids say "I love you."
38. I can't wait to not be fat.
39. People think I'm outgoing but really I'm shy and insecure.
40. I have a talent for writing.
41. Someday I'd like to write a children's book.
42. I wish Morgan would tell me more.
43. I have issues with depression.
44. Lack of sunshine messes with #43.
45. It's really hard to admit to #43.
46. I love going to big cities.
47. I'm glad I don't live in one.
48. I wish there was a cure for autism.
49. I love it when I get to drive through Monument Valley at work.
50. I love and respect a lot of the families I work with on the reservation.
51. My favorite t.v. show is Gray's Anatomy.
52. My favorite movie is Return to Me.
53. Sometimes I watch Lifetime television.
54. Don't tell anyone about #53.
55. I love music.
56. I can't stand country music.
57. I might be the only Indigo Girls fan who isn't a lesbian.
58. I love the Indigo Girls.
59. I always order salmon.
60. I don't like fish--except salmon.
61. My little boy's smile is a cure for #43.
62. I appreciate people who are open minded.
63. I feel judged when I parent in public.
64. It hurts my feelings when people judge my little girl.
65. I'm intensely proud of all of my children.
66. I love to play Settlers of Catan.
67. I wish I was better at remembering birthdays.
68. I'm forever grateful for birthmothers.
69. I often compare my worst with other people's best.
70. I love to go to movies in real theaters.
71. I want a housekeeper.
72. I'm startled when I realize I'm 35.
73. I love to cook for my family.
74. I hate cleaning up after cooking.
75. Clowns creep me out.
76. I'm a big fan of "Wonder Pets" and "Pigglywinks."
77. Don't tell anyone about #76.
78. I hate my feet.
79. I wish I never had to wear shoes.
80. I would usually rather be cold than wear a coat.
81. I love living near family and I wish my sisters lived next door to me.
82. I get scared when I think about Kate in high school.
83. I hope like crazy I'm wrong about #82.
84. I wish I was more patient.
85. It's hard for me to make new friends.
86. I love cheesecake.
87. I'm proud of my master's degree.
88. It bugs me when people judge based on activity in the church.
89. I try to understand people's views even if they don't match my own.
90. I regret not knowing my grandparents better.
91. My husband is my best friend.
92. My husband still gives me butterflies.
93. Storage containers and boxes make me happy!
94. Bubble baths are my friend.
95. I love to hear Kate read.
96. I love to watch Moog play volleyball.
97. Babies smell sooooo good (sometimes!)
98. I'm glad I'm finished having babies, but I'm excited that my sisters aren't!
99. I'm a Mormon democrat and that's not an oxymoron.
100. Most of the time I love being me.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I love Saturdays. Usually I feel energized because I can actually see the floors and the counters, but I didn't seem to get much done today. I've been reading, which is a guilty pleasure I've been allowing myself lately. I used to be a reader and a writer, in my past life. Babies and a job and life happened, and I'm sorry to say I've just about become illiterate. So, in the name of literacy, I'm reading. The latest book is called The Time Traveler's Wife. Interesting. Anyway, the floors have suffered. Oh, well. They're only floors.

Morgan's young women group has a new theme this year called "Raiders of the Lost Art". She and I attended new beginnings last week, and her crazy leaders were dressed up as Indiana Jones. (For those of you who know these ladies, bishops should know that Shan Redd and Terri Laws are a dangerous combination). Morgan had never heard of the Raiders movies...feel old, anyone? So her Dad has made it his mission to make sure she is schooled in the world of Indiana Jones. Tonight the three of us will watch the trilogy. Worthy was so bent on watching them that he borrowed his mom's vcr when the local movie place didn't have the movies on DVD (We don't even own a vcr anymore). I love my crazy husband.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Kate loves to read

Kate loves to read to her brother, which works well because her brother loves it when she reads to him! We think he's a lucky guy to have his own personal story teller.

The blog has begun...

Hi y'all. I've been inspired by the Glover clan, and I'm starting a Worthy Jr. and Kim family blog. I think this is a great way to share information and keep in touch, but it also provides a family journal. So thanks to Drew and Chrislynn and Tim for inspiring me!

That's all for now, folks...consider this site under construction.