Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 things you never wanted to know about Lou

We have had a sad week at our house. Lou, our faithful friend and family member, finally chased his last truck. Our children have really taken this hard, as have the grownups. He was a true member of our family. Our two youngest have never known life without him, and Morgan had such a special bond with him. She was 5 when he joined our family.

I found this list of things about Lou in my blog drafts that I had started and never finished. So as a tribute to the best dog in the world, here it is. We love you, Lou.

1. Lou won Big Worthy and Morgan's heart at the mall. The shelter was having an adoption day, and my husband was a big softie. This is the same man who had vowed never to own another dog.

2. Lou is named after the Beagle on the movie "Cats and Dogs."

3. Lou has a serious fan base in Blanding. He has been spotted all over town. He goes on walks with the locals, and we're sure he is fed by several families.

4. Every once in awhile we get a call from someone who says they have "found" Lou. We just tell them to let him go, and he always comes home.

5. Grandpa Winston is Lou's favorite. When Lou is feeling lonely at our house, he just trots over to grandpa's and knocks on the door.

6. Lou is very loyal. He sleeps downstairs in our bedroom, but he won't go down until we are both down there. It makes him nervous when one of us is still up. He watches the door and paces until we are both safe and sound. Then he can sleep.

7. Lou loves to chase trucks and eat their tires. Of course, they stop because they don't want to run him over. This gives him the perfect opportunity to bite their tires as much as he pleases. It is completely humiliating.

8. Lou has more than 9 lives. One day we got a call from a friend of ours who lives across town. She said Lou had been hit by a car, and he was lying dead in the road with all four feet in the air. Of course, we all started to cry. Big Worthy went over to get him so we could give him a proper burial. By the time he got there, Lou was up and walking around.

9. We have paid for Lou a million times over by springing him from dog jail.

10. We thought Lou had cancer a few months ago, but he is just fine. We paid a pretty penny to find out he is fine, though. And the vet found a bb bullet in his leg.

11. Watch out what you feed Lou. He can clear a room with his natural perfume.

12. Here is another example of Lou's lives. He disappeared once for more than 3 days. We were pretty sure we would never see him again. We had let Moog know that she should not expect him to come back. We were sad, until we heard a whine at the back door. There he was, thirsty, tired, and starving. He ate, drank and spent several days sleeping. His paws were sore and bleeding. We're sure he was taken away in a car and was able to get away and find his way home.

13. Lou answers to many names, including LouAnn, Louise, Loser, and Lucifer.

14. Lou likes our cats but they don't like him back.

15. Lou is a part of our family.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Stomach Still Hurts

I spent the weekend in Aztec with Jen and my Mom, and I don't think I've ever laughed that hard. My stomach still hurts. The weird thing is, we were quilting. And quilting is SOOOO hilarious. Not really, but we managed to laugh anyway. I envy people who can laugh gracefully--the three of us are definitely in the "ugly cryer" category (sorry Mom and Jen).

Worthy made me go because he knew I needed the therapy, and I'm so glad he did. I appreciate him so much for the way he is there for me. He took both of the crazy little ones to Monticello for the volleyball tournament, which can be a difficult task for the two of us even when we are both there. He did it himself just for me. I love it when people ask me, "Is your husband babysitting?" My husband is not a babysitter. He's a daddy. And he's a fabulous daddy. Thanks Big Worthy!

We're all enjoying spring break now. All week last week Little Worthy kept asking me, "How long until we get to stay home and be together?" How sweet is that? I love being home with my babies, just hanging out. We've had a lot of cuddle time, book reading time, x-box time, and just being together time. And we broke out the flip flops! Woo-hoo! Happy Spring to y'all.

I came. I saw. I tinkered.

I have wanted to mess around with our blog and the formatting for a while. Well, today I finally did. I am sure Kim is rolling her eyes right now as she examines it and realizes that the format is based on the great J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. I can hear her now as she declares, "You are a freak!" Oh well, I felt like this template fits the Worthy Glover, Jr. family and yes its true I am a freak. Besides, if we don't like it we can always change it again.

Friday, March 2, 2007

100 Things About Little Worthy

I love Nemo.
Spiderman is my hero.
I love Harry Potter, but not the “scary one.”
When I go to bed, I ask my mom and dad, “are you going to watch the Scary Harry Potter?” I’m sure that’s all they do when I’m asleep.
I like to play with magnets.
I once freaked my mom and dad out because I ruined the television screen with a magnet, but they fixed it.
I was born with the ability to make people laugh.
One of my preschool teachers, Ms. Shumway, asked my mom if we have to buy depends, because we must laugh so hard at our house we pee our pants.
Once I get a laugh, I’m pretty sure if I do it again and again everyone will keep laughing.
I love to play the x-box.
It makes my family dizzy when I play the x-box.
Usually when I play the x-box I’m not really worried about how to win the game, so I just wander around and die a lot.
I lick my lips a lot.
I have no idea what an inside voice is or how to use it!
I have lots of 12 year old girlfriends at volleyball tournaments.
Last year at a volleyball tournament, I saw a tempting red handle on the wall at my eye level, so naturally I pulled it. The whole building had to be evacuated and the police came to turn off the fire alarm.
I am a softie—It makes me sad when other people are sad. Kate knows how to use this to her advantage.
I am a scientist. It’s hard for me to eat or drink without mixing and pouring.
My favorite dinner is macaroni and cheese from a box.
I don’t like it when my mom cooks real food.
If something has sugar in it, it’s delicious.
Sugar gives me lots of energy.
My mom and dad have learned to never have pancakes and syrup before sacrament meeting!
I love to ask the same questions over and over every day. My script goes something like this…
Can I have a bath?
Can I play x-box?
Can we go to the store and get a treat?
Can I have some cinnamon toast?
Can I watch cartoons?
Are you gonna watch the scary Harry Potter?
Are we staying home today?
I love to say “which is”. For example…
Can I have the candy which is the red one?
Can I have a bath which is with bubbles?
Will you turn on the t.v. to the show which is cartoons?
I like to sneak into Morgan’s room and steal her candy.
My “boos” are pink and purple.
My friend Christian and I are very noisy.
We’re pretty sure that the louder we are the funnier we are.
The other day at Heidi’s after all the kids were gone except Christian and me, I said, “Oh good. Now we can have some peace and quiet.” Heidi had to leave and laugh.
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
My mom and dad were so excited to meet me! They couldn’t fly because I was born right after 9/11 and there were no planes in the sky. They drove all the way across the country on 1-40 with a lot of triple trailer trucks.
When my Mom and Dad first met me I was dressed as a cow. Really.
My mom and dad loved me at first sight. They knew I was their boy.
When I was 10 days old, I left my family and went back to Georgia.
My Mom and Dad thought they would never see me again and they cried every day because they knew I was their boy.
I was the best Christmas present they had ever had.
I came back to my family in Utah at Christmas time, and my Mom was so happy to see me she didn’t put me down for months.
I love hot chocolate.
I am ticklish everywhere, even my ears.
My mom calls my belly button my “giggle button,” because all she has to do is wiggle her fingers and I giggle uncontrollably.
I can’t figure out how to tell which feet my shoes go on.
I like bran flakes cereal.
I was born one day after my cousin Thomas.
I hate it when my Mom clips my fingernails.
My parents are quite sure I don’t sleep much at night.
I know I’m not supposed to be up in the night, so I lay there very quietly until I hear someone up. Then I say, “is it morning?” Sometimes this happens when Dad or Mom is using the bathroom at 3:00 a.m.
I am a morning person in a family full of not-so-morning people.
I love to snuggle.
I’m a big fan of the letter W.
I’m named after my Dad, my Grandpa Worthy, my Grandpa Winston, and my Great-Great Grandpa Worthington Washington.
I love to ride the bus to and from school.
I love Heidi and she loves me.
I get to go to kindergarten next year.
I’ve been in preschool for 3 years.
I have a mean British accent.
I know all sorts of spells, like “Dependo!”
I have scary dreams.
I think Kate is hilarious.
I usually do whatever Kate says, which my mom says is a little scary.
I like the boomerang channel.
When I ask to watch cartoons, I really mean boomerang. When someone makes the mistake of turning on cartoons that are not on boomerang, I say, “No. I want cartoons.”
I love to play with the settlements, cities, and knights when my parents and Morgan play Catan.
If they let me take the pieces, they end up in my pockets and all over the house. So I play with them at the table where they are playing the game.
It’s impossible to get Kate and me to settle down to bed at night.
I like to listen to Kate read when we’re supposed to be settling down at night.
When I was about 4 months old I got wedged between the side of the crib and the mattress. I was hanging by my head and my feet weren’t touching the floor. My mom had to pry the crib apart to get me out. She rushed me to the doctor, and by the time we got there I had a bump the size of an orange on my head from the pressure. I still have a scar there. My mom is SO grateful that I was able to breathe and that everything turned out okay.
I like to dig in the dirt in our garden plot.
I’m a very picky eater.
I love it when my Dad stays home with me when I’m sick.
I love to go to Grandma Gail’s house.
I love to go to Grandma Kathy’s house.
I hate my tennis shoes.
I love my sandals.
I will always be my Mom’s baby.
I love it when my dad takes me golfing with him.
When we go golfing I collect treasures like broken tees and golf balls.
One time when I was golfing with my dad I fell out of the golf cart. I wasn’t hurt but I was quite surprised that he had been right when he had told me 100 times to hold on. I stood right up, put my hands on my hips and accused, “Dad, you let go of me!”
I love the Albuquerque aquarium.
I like to play at Shaw Nielson’s house.
I love it when my Dad takes me fishing.
I like to go camping with my Dad, especially when it’s just the two of us at ward campouts like fathers and sons.
I have an amazing ability to get filthy while camping.
I have always been afraid of being left behind. My Mom and Dad are constantly reassuring me that they love me and will never leave me.
I follow my Mom and Dad around the house. If they’re not careful, they sometimes step on me or crash into me.
I loved my sister Morgan intensely when I was a baby and I first came back to my family. My Mom and Dad think it’s because I loved a little girl named Angelica who was my foster sister while I was back in Georgia. The girls were about the same age at the time.
I don’t like ice cream.
Sometimes Tuxi sleeps with me on my bed.
My family loves me so much.
My Mom and Dad are so glad I came back to be their boy.